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Chibi Sketch
These sketches will be done traditionally, so with pencil and paper, not digitally.

Please give me all the info I need for your character ^^ colors aren't needed here, but might help.

I won't charge more for one extra character in the picture, if you want more than two characters, then I will (by adding 20 :points:; these will have to be payed differently by donating them).
Chibi Lineart
Lineart will be done digitally and on a rather large canvas (I draw chibi's on half a A4 page; but I always change the size when I work them out digitally, most of the time bigger then they actually are ^^; if I'm making sense here...)

No extra charge for one extra character, more than two characters will make the price a bit higher (adding 50 :points:; these will have to be payed differently by donating them).

Please make sure to give me all the info I need for your character ^^ colors aren't needed, but might help.

Chibi Flat Colored
There will be no effects on this one, so just flat colors. But it does mean that I will do the color effects for the skin/hair/clothes; like dip-dye, fadded out colors and such.

An extra character will add an other 50 points to the total price; this will have to be payed by donating them.

Please make sure to give me all the info I need for your character ^^ 
Chibi Cherry~ by Cherry-Anne
I don't have a current chibi example yet! There is one in the making and your commission will be done in the same style ^^

Make sure to give me all the info I need; I don't nessesarely need a ref, but it would be nice to have one if you do ;3
Chibi Couple
The Dragon and The Deer by Cherry-Anne
This will be fully done; lineart, colored and shaded. I might add some effects (like a simple background color and outline, if I feel like it). If you don't want any of that, please tell me! :3

Please make sure you tell me all the info I need ^^


Chibi Cherry~ by Cherry-Anne
Chibi Cherry~

A new version of my sona ^^

She's kinda based on how I look, and I haven't updated her ever since I got my piercings ^^;

Cute Goat by Cherry-Anne
Cute Goat
A new charry I came up with ^^

I didn't know how to place his other leg, so cut it off... I'm such a sadist

Happy Valentines Day by Cherry-Anne
Happy Valentines Day
Zeke lazily made his way towards the living room, noticing the dark haired female daydreaming in front of the window as she nibbled on some chocolate. His usual sour look softened a tiny bit as he made his way towards her.
While the female was enjoying her creamy treat, she felt a hand taking her writs, pulling the treat away from her lips, leaving a bit of the toxic from her lips on it as well. It surprised her, and she looked up to see a pair of dark orange colored eyes, gazing softly at her, which was a bit unusual. "You're not going to share this with me?" The male mumbled lowly as he gave the treat a slow lick as a rare, soft smile played on his lips. Her face flushed a bright red at the sight, stuttering his name out, "Z-z-zeke...?"
The male chuckled and pulled her close, bringing his face closer to hers while still licking the chocolate. The small blush on his face made her heart pound, the softness of his look made it skip, it really was a rare sight for her to see, even if they've been together for a while now... Zeke pushed the chocolate onto her lips, effectively letting her eat it as well. The chocolate melted away quickly and the male slowly took the stick away, throwing it on the floor as he wrapped that arm around her waist as well. He closed his eyes slowly as their lips met, feeling the rush of pleasure shoot through him again as her toxic diffused through his skin. Smiling as he felt her hands shyly curl into his shirt, 'Happy Valentines Day, Jinx. I love you'


Happy Valentines day everyone ^^

Zeke @ SDrift

Chibi~ by Cherry-Anne
My new chibi style :3
Here's a vid of how I made it:

Chibi commissions will be done in the same style ^^ Here's the journal about…



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
About myself:

Name: Anne
Nickname: Cherry Anne
Age and Birthday: 18 1th November
Relationship: forever alone ;w;
Location: Netherlands
Likes: Drawing, Anime, Chocolate, Daydreaming, Softball/Baseball, Lots of different kind of Music, Alternative clothings which I don't own... a few maybe ;A;, ROLEPLAYING!


If you aren't in one of them, please don't be sad! You all mean something to me:heart:

People I know irl

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Hi everyone!
You can donate point here if you appericiate my artwork and would like to support me in making more ^^
Even one point is appreciated!

Thank you guys soo much :love::heart:

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